Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Tween Talk - February 11, 2010

This past Wednesday, my co-worker and I hosted "I Heart Chocolate Day" as our first Tween Time of the new year. It was a hit!

We broke the tweens into different groups first to do "Hot Chocolate Taste Testing" and "Pretzel Rod Dipping."

For the hot chocolate, I made a 60 cup vat o'hot chocolate which we poured into half cups for taste testing. They were able to add mini-marshmallows, peanut butter chips, or mints to create new flavors.

For the pretzel rod dipping, the tweens were given three rods each and they were able to dip in large bowls of melted bittersweet chocolate or melted white chocolate. Then we had about 6 different types of sprinkles they could use to decorate.

Once they'd done those two activities, we brought the whole group together for chocolate games. We had relay races and "hot chocolate potato."

For hot chocolate potato, they all sat in a circle, we played music, and they had to pass the chocolate "potatoes" around. Whoever ended with a chocolate was out (BUT they got to eat their chocolate) and the last person standing won a King-Sized candy bar.

Our first relay race, we divided the tweens into three teams and they each formed a team line. The first person in line would run up to the table, unwrap their mini-chocolate, then cut it into at least three pieces with a plastic knife and fork, then eat it without using their hands. When they were done, the next team mate would run up, etc. until everyone on the team had gone.

For the second one, we used two teams and each tween had to run up and unwrap and eat their mini-chocolate, BUT had to be wearing an oven glove on one hand while they did it.

All the games were fun and the tweens loved eating their mini-chocolates as part of the game.

The very last thing we did was announce the winners of our candy jar guessing game. We had set up two jars full of M&Ms and York Peppermint Patties (to make guessing just a little harder!) and allowed the tweens to guess a candy count for each jar. Whoever came the closest got to take the jar, candy and all, home.

All in all, a very successful, though tiring program!

Next up, "Camp Out Movie!"

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