Saturday, December 12, 2009

Visit to my teen years!

I follow the discussion list for PUBYAC. That's all about programming, books, etc. for librarians that deal with children and teens in public libraries. Anyway, a few weeks ago someone posted about the Sunfire Romance series and it totally struck a chord with me! I had forgotten all about that series, and yet, they were books that I was totally hooked on in middle school! I promptly went and ILLed the only available one in our library system and I just finished rereading it. I feel like I just reexperienced a little of my childhood!

In the Sunfire Romance series, each book's title was the main character's name (i.e. Joanna, Danielle, Sabrina, etc.) and each was set in a different period of America's history. In each book, the main character had interesting role based within her time period and where she lived in the U.S. (one helped with the Pony Express, one was a spy in the Rev. War, one was a movie star in CA) and she met two boys. One slow and steady boy that grew to love her...and one flashy, bad boy that also loved her! In each book (very formulaic, but fabulous when I was a tween) the girl had to eventually choose which boy to be with...and it usually ended up being the steady guy...ahhh. I loved this series!!

My favorites were Roxanne, Sabrina, Emily, and Megan.
Did anyone else read these??


  1. BTW - My coworker, Kim, from the Children's Dept. totally loves these books, too. We had a funny bonding session waxing poetical about our favorites one day over lunch!!

  2. I loved these books. I remember reading them in 6th grade. I think I read all the ones that were in the school library.

  3. A few months ago I went through some of my sister's books from her youth and found two or three from this series. I haven't read them, but they sound like they're somewhat similar to the Wild Rose Inn books by Jennifer Armstrong (which I did read and love back in middle school). Now that I've read your post I think you just sold me on reading these! Yay for nostalgia!
    P.S. I've been looking for some book blogs to follow, and I think yours is going to be one of my favorites!

  4. Aww...thanks Denise! Now that you mentioned the Wild Rose Inn series, I checked them out online, and I owned all of those too!! I had completely forgotten about those. I loved Claire of the Wild Rose Inn (book 5) the best. The twenties seemed so cool!

  5. Yes I read these! They were some of the only books in the teen section when I was a teen, so I read these, Nancy Drew Files and a few Sweet Valley Twins books.