Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday Tween Talk - Dec. 17

At our library, we run a "Tween Time" program for students in grades 4-8 every first and third Wednesday of the month. We try to rotate between book related, craft, active, and "other" programs to keep the tweens guessing...and coming back!

Yesterday, we did our second annual "Holiday Gifts Workshop" for our Tween Time program. We gave the tweens all the supplies to make five different crafts and let them go at it for an hour. They had a blast and came out with some great looking homemade gifts to take to their families for Christmas, Hannukah, or whichever holiday they celebrate.

The crafts that we suggested they make were recycled greeting card ball ornaments, beaded candy cane ornaments, popsicle stick sleds, popsicle stick frames, beaded bracelets, and felt magnets.

We're planning a break now until February. We found last year that our January attendance really suffered between the weather, people recovering from the holidays, and other factors, so on the first Wed. in February, we're kicking off again with "Chocolate Day." YUM.

I can't wait for our Spring line-up of programs...we have a ton of great stuff planned. Chocolate Day, Life-Size Monopoly, Clay Crafts, Wii Fun, a "Camp-Out Movie..." It's all going to be a blast to do. Do you all do this type of program at your libraries too?


  1. Love the crafts! And life size Monopoly sounds fun-I'd love to know how that works.

    We don't have good attendance in Jan. either, but we are trying to do more tween programs at my branch and we do teen nights every month.

  2. Hmmm...we got the idea for the Life-Size Monopoly game off of one of the discussion lists online and haven't actually played it yet, but it sounded pretty easy. You cut out giant monopoly squares and then the teens, or tweens in this case, follow the board as the pieces, just like you would when playing the board game. I think it's going to be a blast. I will check to see if I still have the description saved in my email and I'll post it if I do. :)