Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Read From My Personal Library - March Update

So, I promised you all that I'd keep you updated on my self-imposed "Read from my Personal Library" challenge.

This is what the challenge stated: My realistic goal is going to be to read 3 personally owned books for every 1 that I read from the Library, etc.  

And here's how I did for the rest of March:
I read 9 books total.  

Four of those books were from borrowed through the Library where I work - 1 fun fiction read, 2 personal non-fiction reads, and 1 fiction book for work (for the book club I lead).

One book was sent to me for a Blog Tour review.  

Four of those books came from my own Personal Library!! Not quite the 3:1 ratio that I'd been aiming for, BUT a 1:1 ratio is a decent start...I'm going to aim for better in April.  

So, what did I read from my Personal Library?
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
Cress (Lunar Chronicles 3)

Fairest (Lunar Chronicles Prequel)

The Final Act (Immortal Circus 3)
Anyone else read from their own bookshelves (physical or virtual) this month?

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