Tuesday, June 17, 2014

BEA Picturebook Reviews: The Summer Fairy

Three of the four picture books I got at BEA 2014. 

So, I decided to try and review my BEA books in some kind of order that actually made a little sense... both to me and hopefully to all of you! The next few blog posts will all be about the picture books that I received at BEA, then we'll move on to some of the middle grade, etc. etc. Enjoy!

The Summer Fairy
by Elizabeth Kelly Gillihan 
Illustrated by Jennifer Zivoin 

Each year on the last day of school, the Summer Fairy bestows her seasonal gifts and poetic wisdom to families everywhere! This magical story tells the tale of the Summer Fairy and reminds children how to have fun while being safe during the summer season. A reusable flower vase that is stored in the back pocket of the book inspires this new family tradition. Children will relish the magic of summer as they pick a flower in anticipation that the Summer Fairy will soon find her way to their home. (Description from website)

Similar to the "Elf on a Shelf" book, this picturebook features a small fairy that brings gifts to good children.  Unlike the "Elf on a Shelf" (which I personally happen to find a creepy way for parents to SCARE their children into good behavior before Christmas) this book is adorable and features a creature that shares love and good times and encourages good behavior, but only through spending safe and fun time with family and friends.  There are no threatened repercussions for any sort of behavior and this book presents gentle reminders about summer safety in a fun way.

She awakes... 
The reusable vase. 
The Summer Fairy, who awakens just as the school year is ending, brings small gifts to children who plan a fun, happy summer and leave a pretty flower for her (children can
do this at home with the small plastic, reusable vase that comes with the book) before the first day of summer. Only parents who plan to adopt this tradition will want to get this book, as after the fairy's visit, children are to expect some sort of small gift for their summer fun.

However, the Summer Fairy also gives out LOTS of great reminders to children about summer safety.  Things like to play outdoors and use their imagination...but not to talk to strangers or toads!  To swim and get exercise...but always with a parent or buddy.  Great illustrations make these little lessons appealing to read about and sounding less like parental reminders.

A winsome and colorful book that would have captivated me as a child.  One that reminds children of all the wonders of summer, but also helps to teach safety.  A great addition to family collections, as long as parents are willing to play the "Summer Fairy."

As a side note - I was also really excited to get to meet the author, Elizabeth Kelly Gillihan, in person at BEA this year.  She's very sweet and it was so nice to hear about how this story developed from her husband's family that they now keep with their children.  

Full disclosure: Received from the author at BEA 2014.

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