Saturday, April 19, 2014

Some Random, but Randomly Awesome Links...

So, first up...I know I'm late to the party, but have you SEEN the trailer for IF I STAY??

Doesn't it look AMAZING? *sighs* I cannot wait to see this one.

Second, I LOVE this link to a blog post that author, Lynne Kelly, did on real author wardrobes... SO FUNNY. Didn't you realize that the snuggie is an author's ultimate comfort tool during writing? LOL.

I really love this blog post that author, Chuck Wendig (author of FIGHT CLUB) did giving some, shall we say upfront and practical, advice to new, aspiring writers. Such as, WRITE OFTEN AND WRITE ENOUGH AND YOUR VOICE WILL FIND YOU and FINISH YOUR SHIT.

Teen Eagle Huntress.  In Mongolia.  Need I say more?  This girl rocks.

Irka Bolen training his eagle

So, did you guys come across anything randomly awesome this week?

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  1. All great, but the Teen Eagle Huntress took my breath away.