Sunday, March 9, 2014

What a Library Move Looks Like...

So,  for the last two weeks or so,  our library has been physically moving to a temporary location so that they'll be able to build is a brand-new library in our original location.  Needless to say,  this process had involved a little madness amidst the excitement.  Now,  we're almost set to open in our new temporary home and I finally have some time to share (At least through some pics) what some of the process was like!


We spent weeks packing as much as we could ahead of time, then had to take a week to pack while we were closed so that the movers could take the books, etc. over to our temporary library.  Then they had to start assembling our shelving and putting everything back in order!

Then we did our best to help out with the things we, shelf-reading to make sure the books are in order, etc...

...and of course, we tried to have a little fun in there, too!

So now we're in our final week before we reopen in our temporary location and we'll be making sure absolutely everything is where it belongs, organizing our desks, and basically recovering from a few crazy weeks! Phew. Amazing now that there's light at the end of that moving tunnel, LOL.

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  1. Wow. When my library was redone, I only had to move 12,000 books to the cafeteria for the summer. Your move looks dauntingly massive! good luck!