Thursday, January 2, 2014

Some 2014 Resolutions...

Okay, it does not officially feel like 2014, but since today IS Jan 2nd, 
I thought I would give you all a glimpse at my resolutions for the year: 

Jessica's 2014 Resolutions:
*Continue to work out and eat healthier. I'd like to lose at least another 15 pounds, but really just being healthier is the goal.

*Get back to my professional reviewing, but outside of that I'd like to read *leisurely* this year. 

*Write. I want to try to revise and polish up my face story for potential publication.

*Pie Adventures! (Now, I know this conflicts a little with being healthier, but I do love pie) The Goal is to bake at least one different pie every other week...

*Develop some great programs and services for the adults at our Library. I want to offer the equivalent of the awesome and fun things I used to for kids and teens.

*Continue to lavish affection upon my husband and the dogs. I do love to spoil them.

I guess I can't give you this year's resolutions without commenting on how last year's resolutions worked out, so...

1. Read 15 books off my TBR shelves. - I actually read 17!

2. Make reading less stressful - Had to take a break from reviewing which made me sad, but helped me keep my sanity!

3. Self-publish my Fae book - Nope. The 2nd Draft is being read by new betas for notes, though.

4. Develop a kick-butt book club - Done!

5. Lose 20 more pounds. - Nope, but I did keep off the weight I'd already lost which is great!

6. Continue to lavish affection upon the Hubs and the doggas. - Done! did you all do on you resolurions? Anyone want to help me stick to mine this year?

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