Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monsters University Party!

Last Friday, I threw a Monsters University party for little monsters aged 6 - 10. While things got a little wild at points, it was a SUPER fun time, and each little monster left with big grins and "Scare Diplomas."

Here's what I did:
We started out by having each little monster pick out a student ID to wear during the party.  They featured both boy and girl monsters from the movie. I had a Faculty badge with my own picture and name on it that I made online. (I also wore my Masters Degree graduation gown for effect at the party and it was super fun because it had the weird-shaped sleeves that kind of looked like tentacles!)

After they'd chosen their IDs, we started our scare classes. We did Scare Skills like "Scare Agility" (which was jumping and scaring, crouching and scaring, etc.), "Vocal Studies" (which included growling, hissing, and roaring), and "Silent Scare Tactics" (I made them sneak up on each other!).

Next, each little monster got the chance to decorate an eyeball and we played "Pin the Eye on Mike." To make my Mike Wazowski poster, I just took a piece of green posterboard and make a round outline with horns and a mouth.

After "Pin the Eye on Mike," we went over and "Fed Sully" (bean bag toss). I made a standing cardboard cutout of Sully by tracing a small picture of Sully, projecting it onto the big piece of cardboard, tracing it, then  painting and reoutlining him.  Once he was done, I cut out three holes for the bean bag toss and tied him to a chair with fishing line to keep him standing up during the toss.

Finally, my little monsters and I finished up the party by eating some eyeball cookies (store bought sugar cookies with "Sully" blue or "Mike Wazowski" green frosting. Delicious and monstrous!

As each little monster left, I awarded them their "Scare Diploma" with either their monster name (from their ID) or their "regular" name on it.  Big grins all around!

Though Professor Jessica was exhausted at the end of the program, the little monsters and their parents were all super happy.  If any of my librarian friends have any questions, please let me know and I'll answer whatever I can/share templates/etc!


  1. :D This is too cute and sounds like it was a blast

    1. It was! Now on to putting together my "Despicable Me 2" party...