Wednesday, May 22, 2013


by Marcus Sedgwick

Seven stories of passion and love separated by centuries but mysteriously intertwined—this is a tale of horror and beauty, tenderness and sacrifice.

An archaeologist who unearths a mysterious artifact, an airman who finds himself far from home, a painter, a ghost, a vampire, and a Viking: the seven stories in this compelling novel all take place on the remote Scandinavian island of Blessed where a curiously powerful plant that resembles a dragon grows. What binds these stories together? What secrets lurk beneath the surface of this idyllic countryside? And what might be powerful enough to break the cycle of midwinterblood? (Description from

I've never read anything of Sedgwick's before, but I'd heard nothing but good things, and now, I'm not surprised.  His writing is...sophisticated? I'm not sure if that's exactly what I mean, but this book was definitely intricate and beautifully dark.  In fact, while I was reading, I kept thinking that this book is what I usually define as a "YA/A crossover" that is meant for the oldest, most sophisticated teen readers and for adult readers. 

I really enjoyed this book, but it read "adult" to me themewise.  I loved the intertwining stories of the reincarnated characters.  I thought that the theme of sacrifice was really well done and things were revealed at just the right points in the stories.  I would definitely recommend this book, though, not to the audience I had originally expected. 

Full disclosure: Borrowed through interlibrary loan 

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