Friday, February 1, 2013

Giveaway - The Knight's Ill-Thought Bargain

Today is the release day for book two in Rebecca Rynecki's Alaina Downs series.  I'm so happy to see it in print and out in ebook, so...I'm giving away a copy!

Check it out:
The Knight's Ill-Thought Bargain
by Rebecca Rynecki
Alaina Downs, book two 

Teaser synopsis:
Two years have passed since Alaina and Gabriel left, and forty years have passed in Isleen. The King is dead. The Queen's powers have weakened. And Gabriel faces the consequences of his bargain. Among dragons, evil witches and a sorceress intent on taking over the world, Alaina has to save Isleen...again. (description from

While this book is darker in tone than the first, The Secret World of Alaina Downs, I loved being able to jump back into Alaina and Gabriel's story. In their return to Isleen, Alaina and Gabriel meet a lot of familiar characters from the first book, though we see them in slightly different ways now.  A lot of things have changed in the time they've been away... including themselves. 

In fact, I loved the beginning of this book because we get to see Alaina and Gabriel living in our world. I found myself giggling a lot as I read about Gabriel's attempts to adjust to life here...and then sympathizing when he found himself floundering, just like Alaina had in Isleen. This book really focused in on how the two main characters interact with each other and built their relationship to be even stronger...even as they found themselves in danger once again. 

There were still moments that reminded me of The Princess Bride in this book, though I found myself much more emotionally wraught throughout the second the time I reached the ending, I felt like I'd been through the wringer! Every emotion you could hope to experience in a love story (a real life one, not a fairy tale...) can be found here.  You will laugh, you will cry, and you will shake your fist at the sky...

So... Want a chance to read it for yourself??
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