Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meeting YA Authors Beth Revis and Lauren DeStefano!!

This past Wednesday night, January 18th, I was lucky enough to go straight down after work to RJ Julia's independent bookstore in Madison, CT to meet YA authors, Lauren DeStefano and Beth Revis. :)

What a great opportunity! It was the chance to meet two authors who debuted HUGE books last year. (Click here for my reviews of Across the Universe and Wither)

It was super interesting to go to this particular author event, because Lauren and Beth didn't each talk about their own book and then answer questions. They let the audience ask any question they wanted and then they both answered (and sometimes argued, lol!) and bounced a lot off of each other.

We ended up talking about how science fiction is becoming a larger trend in YA, how people are interested in reading about characters that live in broken societies (like Wither or The Hunger Games) because we are afraid of what our own government might do in the future, Lauren's really cute shoes* and their matching hair feathers, writing in general, and the pressures of publishing a second book.

It was a really fun and interesting time! I felt so lucky to be able to go. Meeting authors is one of my favorite things to do whenever I get the chance. :)

*BTW-these are the adorable shoes that Lauren was sporting at the event.  Interrogation revealed that she bought them that day, at Payless!...which means I might actually be able to afford to break down and go buy a pair. <3


  1. I looks and sounds like you had a really good time at the book signing. It is always wonderful to hear authors discuss their own books (and their favorite books). I was lucky to meet Beth too during her ASH to NASH tour last year and she is fabulous. I hope that I will get to go to one of her future signings.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and those shoes!

  2. Great pictures and recap! These are two ladies I'd love to get the chance to meet!! :)