Thursday, December 15, 2011


by Tamora Pierce
The Legend of Beka Cooper, book three

Beka and her friends will face their greatest and most important challenge ever when the young heir to the kingdom vanishes. They will be sent out of Corus on a trail that appears and disappears, following a twisting road throughout Tortall. It will be her greatest Hunt—if she can survive the very powerful people who do not want her to succeed in her goal. (description from author's website)

Picking up three years after Bloodhound, Beka embarks on her most important case, yet. She and Achoo must truly prove that they are the best scent team in Tortall to find the heir to the throne. In their search, they uncover the many pitfalls the kingdom faces by allowing the slave trade to run through it's borders.

I find Beka's cases fascinating. It's like reading about medieval policework and it's sooooo intriguing. Some readers complain about the style of this series - that it's written in journal form, that it jumps too quickly on the timeline, with years passing between books. This is one of the best features of this series for me.

Tamora Pierce has created one of her strongest characters yet. Beka is tough, she is dedicated, and she is defined by her job. That's why it doesn't matter how much time has passed between books. We only see the most important parts of Beka's life. Her big cases. The moments that define her life. What happens day to day doesn't affect her truly, it's the big moments that make her who she is.

Without letting you know all the secrets in this book (you'll have to read it for yourself, lol!), there is a romance that develops. It is sweet and believable. That is another thing that makes Tamora Pierce my favorite author. She creates strong female characters and they never have to compromise for love. The men in their lives love them for who they really are...they accept them wholly and do not ask them to change. They become the strongest pairs and their love lasts because they are truly meant for each other.

Finally, (I know, enough gushing!!) I just want to mention that my favorite book of ALL TIME is Tamora Pierce's, Alanna: The First Adventure. Immediately upon finishing this title, I did something I hardly ever have time to do anymore. I spent an entire afternoon rereading my beloved Alanna series. Though I have shelves of unread books, this particular one inspired me to immediately rip into my old favorites. It was blissful. :)

If you love strong female characters, are fascinated by police cases, and like a touch of fantasy, you would do well to check out this series by Tamora Pierce.

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