Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Marissa Doyle at CLA

I just had to share how excited I was to attend a program called, "Austen Revisited: Bringing Historical Fiction to Life," at the Connecticut Library Association Annual Conference yesterday!

Self-professed history geek and young adult author, Marissa Doyle, will discuss her stealth mission to introduce readers to the joys of history through fiction as well as blogging.

Marissa Doyle was great. I love her books, Bewitching Season and Betraying Season. What I liked best about her books was the combination of historical fiction, the really interesting details of the Victorian period, and fantasy. There is just enough magic for me to be completely enthralled, but without overtaking the feeling that you have traveled back in time...for real!
Hearing Marissa speak about her work really added another dimension to my interest in her books. I want to go back and reread them now, knowing that she refers to herself as a "history guerilla," intent on passive-aggressively interesting teens in history by sneaking little tidbits of historical fact into her stories.
I love that term..."history guerilla!"
It was a really great talk. The best Marissa had laryingtis, she cut her talk a little short, BUT I look over while I'm waiting for my valeted car, and who is standing next to me? Marissa Doyle! (insert quickly surpressed fangirl squeal here!) I actually got to say a few personal words to her as we were standing outside the casino. Sigh...good day.


  1. You know, I never really gave these a look because the covers don't really grab me (I know, that's terrible!) but they really do sound like great stories! Will have to check them out next time I see them on the library shelves!

  2. They really are great historical fiction stories with a hint of magic...I love the twin sisters...and they get to be secret operatives for Queen Victoria (sorry for a mini-spoiler...), so how can you go wrong? You should definitely try the first one!

  3. HA - you beat me to this one. I have a post for next week about this :)She was awesome!

  4. I actually checked to see if you had done one first so that they wouldn't look identical... :)
    I was jealous you got to sit through the entire program...but then I got to talk to her outside, so it worked out fine!!