Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thursday Tween Talk - Jan. 28, 2010

The Pandora Series

Pandora Gets Jealous
by Carolyn Hennesy

13-year-old Pandora Atheneus Andromaeche Helena (or Pandy, for short) has no idea what she’ll bring for her school project. By accident she discovers a simple box, said to contain something so terrifying and horrible that no one must ever, ever touch it for fear of inflicting all of mankind with the wrath of the Gods and Goddesses. This, of course, makes the box the perfect thing for Pandora to bring for her school project. Unfortunately, things don’t go quite the way she was hoping, and the box accidentally gets opened, unleashing all kinds of evil and misery into the world. Hauled before Zeus, Hera and the rest of immortals, Pandy’s given the task of collecting all the evils within a year’s time.

There are now four books in this series, Pandora Gets Jealous, Pandora Gets Vain, Pandora Gets Lazy, and the newest Pandora Gets Heart. These are great to recommend to tweens, especially tween girls, who really enjoyed the mythological aspect of the Percy Jackson series. Pandora is a fun, relatable teenage character, her friends are a hoot, the gods and goddesses are interesting. Each book takes Pandy to a new and interesting location and she meets many different types of people along her journey. These are fun and easy to read. I highly recommend them for the fantasy tween set!

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  1. I keep wanting to read this series and one of my teens told me about it. I guess it's written by an actress on one of the soap's she watches!:) Thanks for the review-I'll have to check them out.